harmony of tastes and sensations

The good cuisine is worth no less than a beautiful scenery or a fresco or an archaeological ruin; but within good cooking lies an entire heritage of moral care, research for the nice things that belong to traditions responding to wishes and expectations of the one who loves harmony of tastes and the sensations that create the poetry of unique moments.

Endowed with pride for meticulousness with regards to quality and genuineness of base products and ingredients, most of them local, chef-by-passion Assunta creates, cares for and realizes the best that can be offered at a table. With the scope in mind to fulfil taste and guests expectations, fantasy is weeded to experience; an experience gathered through the knowledge of traditions and eating habits in the Tuscan region, and the direct experience, day after day, by applying unusual combinations that result in interesting tasty plates.

Assunta รจ a disposizione degli ospiti per organizzare corsi di cucina. Qui troverete il posto ideale per fare una Assunta will be happy to organize a cooking class for any guests. You will find here the ideal place for a vacation with family or friends. Assunta handles personally all details that will make a special occasion unforgettable, offering her guests the ability to create the right ambience for any occasion, taking care of every little thing.

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