goccia di rosa


Valentine’s Day in Tuscany, the presentation of the Nobile di Montepulciano wine coincides with

Valentine’s Day, 13-14-15 February, we celebrate love, love for life, love for mankind the love for their loved ones for the partner for the partner’s love for nature …. …. love for good wine, a chance to devote a weekend of love between Vino Nobile hills a relaxing bath in the thermal waters and good food ………. art of knowing how to live, spend the night at the b & b the House of the Assumption you will have everything at your fingertips …. clik

The Valentine’s menu includes:

Cabbage rolls and potatoes in cream emmental

Tortellini stuffed with pheasant in spicy cream

Stuffed rabbit
Flan spinach and potatoes

Millefeuille decomposed

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