[:it]Red for Valentine’s Day Red for the presentation of Vino Nobile………..Montepulciano[:]



Valentgoccia di rosaine’s Day in Tuscany, the presentation of the Nobile di Montepulciano wine coincides with

Valentine’s Day, 13-14-15 February, we celebrate love, love for life, love for mankind the love for their loved ones for the partner for the partner’s love for nature …… .. love for good wine, a chance to devote a weekend of love between Vino Nobile hills a relaxing bath in the thermal waters and good food ……… .l’arte of fine living, stay at the b & b the House of assumed you have everything at your fingertips ..             The Valentine’s menu includ          Uva nera

Cabbage rolls and potatoes in cream emmental

Tortellini stuffed with pheasant in spicy cream

Rabbit stuffed spinach and potato flan

Millefeuille decomposed[:]